Are You an Indigo?

A new breed of children began birthing over 100 years ago; first in small numbers, then in increasingly higher percentages. They are born to usher in "great change". Their lives are often very challenging, but in spite of many obstacles have come to fulfill a greater purpose.

Over 3 million of these
are alive today, and many are now

If you were born after 1900, you may be an Indigo Human!

Indigo humans have special characteristics that set them apart from the average person. These special individuals are always looking for ways to strengthen themselves so they can better accomplish the mission they came in to achieve. Many see themselves as free sovereign beings that no government or greater authority has a right to regulate or control.

Indigos are independent thinkers!
Indigos love freedom!

Are you an Indigo?

Maybe you see yourself as very different than most average people with expanded perceptions about many things. Most Indigos have a keen sense of knowing that something is wrong with their world, and have a great desire to make it right. Is this you?

Have you struggled most of your life to fit into the mold society has forced you into? Are you often misunderstood, or do you feel estranged by your family? Would you rather be alone then interact with people you have nothing in common with?

If this sounds like you take the Indigo self test and find out if you are an Indigo Human.

Click here to take the Indigo self test now!

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