How to Make Your Vitamins and Minerals More Absorbable

Regardless of how powerful any supplemental nutrient may be, if your body is short on oxygen internally, it often cannot oxidize the supplement effectively enough to give you the needed result.

A revolutionary new product oxygenates at the cellular level, thereby providing the user with this important life-giving ingredient. Some of the benefits this product provides are greater absorption of all nutrients.

It's anti-inflammatory for all types of inflammation, burns and wounds. Anti-Diabetic / Hypoglycemic, can help normalize blood sugar. Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Viral / Anti-fungal. Remarkable healing properties to ulcers of varied origins. It helps clean morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and the small intestines. It is the finest colon cleanser known. Reference reveals source of this product. $5.00



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How to Make Your Vitamins and Minerals More Absorbable

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